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Wanna get started?



First, our team needs to know a little bit about you.  You can CLICK HERE FOR AN INSTANT QUOTE or you can call us at (575) 392-0628.  Either way, we will briefly ask you some questions about your property, what you’re seeing that prompted your inquiry, and how often you wish to have these surfaces cleaned. 


Here are some topics that are covered online and on most calls:

  • Surfaces you’re looking to have cleaned (roof, siding/exterior, driveway, deck, fence, patio) and what they’re made of. If you don’t know or aren’t sure, don’t worry – we can help identify them!

  • The address where these services will be performed. We do most of our measuring via satellite so you don’t have to take time out of your day to meet us on your property.

  • The condition of the surfaces in question. Are you seeing general dirt and grime, or has the surface become infested with algae and mold?  Not to worry, we’re experts at delivering perfect results no matter the condition.

  • Your email address.  An estimate will be emailed to you that outlines your services and pricing.  You can accept accept the estimate electronically and our staff will work to make sure your service is conveniently scheduled for you.


Lastly, here’s what you can expect on your date of service:

  • We ask that your doors and windows be closed (we don’t want to wash the living room furniture!).  We bring our own water and supplies with us- you don't need to provide us with anything.

  • There’s no need to be home – unless you've asked us to clean the inside of your windows.  If that's the case (which it usually is!), we're happy to get the inside of your windows cleaned first so you can go about your day and enjoy yourself! We perform almost all services while you’re out and about, so you can simply come home to a perfectly clean home.

  • Watch for a follow up phone call or email from our customer experience team – we share success stories at our team meetings, and we’d love to have yours be next.


If you’re ready for us to get to work, call us at (575) 392-0628 to be connected to our staff who is ready to help!

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